Jean Jacket Gals

You know when you ask for a specific gift for your birthday or Christmas, but you never really expect to receive it? I think that is what Rozlyn thought about her birthday request for this year. She asked for a personalized, painted jean jacket with “some stars on it”. Last night we surprised her with just … More Jean Jacket Gals

Music Memory

I have been blessed to visit several beautiful and special places over the past few years. From once-in-a-lifetime memories in England and Scotland with my dad, to visiting Paris, the city of my childhood dreams, with some of my favorite people, they are all close to my heart. Trips like those are ones that you never … More Music Memory


There are few things as close to my heart as Miss HBHS. My junior year I decided to push myself by competing. I was in EAST, and really wanted an excuse to wear a dress. Sue me. It wasn’t natural or comfortable, but it changed my life. I made friendships, learned to encourage others (even … More Miss HBHS

Love First

We live in a world with a whole lot of opinions and not quite enough empathy. The things going on in our country, both politically and socially, have made it increasingly hard to look at people without first seeing their political stances. This is not a time for us to all agree to disagree and … More Love First

DIY Framed Puzzle

I found the cutest half-off puzzle at Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago and decided to frame it. I brought it home to Cassidy (who loves puzzles) thinking that it would take her a couple days. It didn’t. The chick can put a 150 piece puzzle together in under half an hour! I had that … More DIY Framed Puzzle

Must-Have Apps

I think it sometimes escapes me how many apps there are. I get caught up in all the social media on my phone, and I forget all the other tools available to us. I’ve put together a few of the apps that I been loving, and I think there is something in here for everyone: … More Must-Have Apps

A Day In Tulsa

Everyone loves fun day trips with their pals, but all to often I find myself stuck in a rut of doing the same old things. This time around we researched and found some really cool (and yummy) places that I swear you will all DIE FOR. Start planning your next Tulsa trip with your people … More A Day In Tulsa